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Lollipop Smart Camera Review

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a great looking Wifi baby monitor that is well built and comes with tons of great features. The accompanying mobile app is easy to use and subscription-free. The video quality is excellent and you have the option to keep it on your local Wifi network for extra security. The local Wifi option is great to give you the best of both worlds: you have an excellent reach throughout your entire house (assuming that your Wifi network is good), while also keeping your connection with your baby secured and private.

For $100 less than its closest competitor, the iBaby Care M7, the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is an excellent choice for geeky parents.

Our Rating: 9.3 / 10


Lollipop Smart Camera Baby Monitor


We like:

  • Option to keep the Wifi connection private

  • The mobile app is easy to use with plenty of features

  • Intuitive navigation when using multiple cameras

  • Audio and video quality is excellent

  • Excellent value for money

We dislike:

  • Lacks some of the extra features of the more expensive iBaby monitor, such as the pan and tilt

Where to Buy



  • The Nanit Smart Camera if you want the best WiFi video baby monitor with improved video quality and insights to help improve your baby sleep ($191.96).

  • The Infant Optics DXR-8 is the best baby video monitor if you don’t need the Wifi connection ($165.99).

  • The Angelcare AC517 if you want a more comprehensive package with breathing and movement monitoring and a larger display ($157.96).





Question: Do I need to keep the app always open on my phone?

Answer: No. You can use the audio-only mode to turn off your screen. You’ll still hear your baby and you can turn the video back on at any time if needed.

Question: Can I talk to my baby through the device?

Answer: Yes. You just need to press the microphone button in the app on your phone to speak through the device in your baby’s room.

Question: Can I use the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor with multiple cameras?

Answer: Yes. You can connect the Lollipop app on your smartphone to multiple cameras. Live view is only available from one camera at a time, however. You’ll need to switch from one camera to the next in order to see the various rooms.

Question: Can I pair the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor with two phones?

Answer: Yes. You can pair the Lollipop with multiple phones or tablets, so you and your partner can both watch over your baby.

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